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HDTV and Home Theater Connectors and Cables

Categories | HDTV and Home Theater Connectors and Cables
Audio / Video Cables
Audio and Video Compression Connectors/Adapters
Cable and Speaker Wire
Digital Video Cables
Display Ports and Cables Display Ports and Cables
HDMI and DVI Video Cables
HDMI ( High-Definition-Multimedia-Interface) is an all digital audio and video interface connectivity standard that improves the audio and video output quality of high defintion electronic devices including HDTV.  
HDMI is the best connection option for home theater or High Definition TV's to attach any digital audio/video
source such as DVD Players, Audio Receivers, Gaming Systems and Personal Computers and Laptops.
DVI ( Digital-Video-Interface) is a new form of video interface technology
that maximizes the quality of flat panel LCD monitor and TV images. Best
for connecting LCD, Plasma, and DLP display devices.   
HDMI Connectors/ Adapters
Theater/Surround Sound - Wall Plates and Accessories

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