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BA-Electronics, a division of B&A Products, is a stocking distributor for NTE Electronics Inc. NTE stocks a wide range of semiconductors, capacitors, resistors, relays, potentiometers, wire, power strips, solder, test equipment, etc.

The links below will allow you to cross reference a huge variety of semiconductors, relays, and potentiometers and trimmers, if you know the basic or manufacturer's part number.

The semiconductor cross reference will allow you to select from over 4,300 NTE semiconductors, cross referenced to approximately 383,050 US, Asian, and European part numbers. And in many cases a spec sheet and/or pin-out information is only a click (link) away, in either/or HTML (web page) or PDF (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) formats.

The relay cross reference will allow you to select any of the 651 NTE relays and cross reference them to approximately 44,300 US, Asian, and European part numbers.

NTE stocks over 500 potentiometers, trimmers, knobs and dials from manufacturers: Spectrol, Precision Electronic Components, and Kilo Electronics.

SEMICONDUCTORS Semiconductor cross reference
RELAYS Relay cross reference
POTENTIOMETER/TRIMMER Potentiometer/Trimmer cross reference

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