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If you've wanted a "solar system" but don't have the knowledge, time, money, space ... to install one; here's an alternative for you--the EN-R-PAK self-contained solar portable power generation system. It's built like a generator, with everything except the 50-watt solar panel contained in one attractive enclosure. Although it weighs 80 pounds, it can still be moved to where you need alternate power.

The EN-R-PAK is a compact power center. It contains an internal gel-cell battery, solar charge controller, pure sine wave power inverter, and all the necessary electronics to provide portable emergency power. All you do is position the solar panel facing south toward the sun, plug the cable into the unit; and when charged you have available up to 200 watts of 110 volts AC power or 15-amps of 12 volts DC power. It's ideal for powering low wattage lighting, a small television set, laptop computer, small appliances, rechargeable power tools, amateur radio stations (HF, VHF ... up to about 75 watts out), etc. It can be used in your home, office, shop, ham shack, cabin, boat, or just about anywhere you have access to the sun. Unlike a gasoline generator, it is quiet, and does not emit exhaust fumes, or require you store fuel and oil.

The 50-watt solar panel has an adjustable tilt frame to allow positioning toward the sun. The connecting cable is 30 feet long, so the panel can be installed where you need it, and it has a blocking diode to prevent discharging the unit at night.

The nominal energy storage capacity is 100 AHr (amp-hours) when fully charged. This can provide approximately 20 hours of usage on either: 40 watts on the AC output, or 4 amps on the DC output. The unit measures 18" x 14.5" x 12", and weighs 82 lbs. The solar panel measures 2' x 3' and weighs 33 lbs. The EN-R-PAK  has a two year warranty and the solar panel warranty is 10 years.

The Portawattz PowerPAC is lightweight, portable backup power system providing up to 300 watts of 115 VAC (household type) power and/or 12 Volts DC at up to 12 amps. It includes an 18 amp-hour sealed lead acid battery and a modified sine wave AC inverter. It weights 18 lbs and measures 6" x 9.4" x 12.5". It has a high power DC connector to allow you to jump start your car. The battery can be recharged using the AC charger, you can charge it from your vehicle as you drive or from a generator equipped with a 12 volt battery charging outlet. A convienent compressor air inflator is included and a flourescent lamp for night use.
A unregulated 12 volt PV solar panel can also be used to recharge the battery. As an example, a 3 amp panel will charge the PowerPAC in about 8 hours of direct sunlight.

By connecting the PowerPAC to a larger, external battery you can get extended operating times. As an example, if connected to a 60 amp-hour battery you achieve about 4 times the operating time of the PowerPAC's internal battery.

The AC outlet can be used to power lights, TVs (up to 27"), VCRs, portable stereos, clock radios, laptop computers, printers, cell phones, power drills, camcorders, portable coolers, electronic cash registers, CD players, electric fans, electric shavers, curling irons, short wave radios, soldering irons, and much more (run times vary depending of the load).