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Telephone Modular Accessories

Modular  T Adapters
Converts single modular jack into two modular jacks.
Two Line Splitter
Contains one six-position, four conductor modular plug, and two six-position, two conductor modular jacks. It is used to split two lines from a single modular jack to two individual jacks.
Three Way T Adapter
Three-way "T" adapter. Connects three phone devices to same line.
Three-Way Tee
Three-way "T" adapter for two lines. Has jacks for line 1 & 2 and a jack that combines lines 1 & 2
Modular Cord Couplers
Allows two modular line cords to be connected together.
Five-Way T Connector
Modular line cord multipe phone "T" connector. One male to 5 modular females. Cord length is 25'.
Duplex Jack Extension Cable
25' extension cable with dual jacks
Single Jack Extension Cable
25' extension cable with single jack
Modular Handset Coil Cords
Retractable cable with modular plugs at each end.
Extension Line Cord With Spade Ends
Modular plug at one end and spade lugs on other end. Flat cable.
Flush Mount, Single Jack Modular Wall Plates
For new construction or conversion to modular instruments. Screw terminals.
Flush Mount, Double Jack Modular Wall Plates
Double jack wall plates designed to accept two modular plugs. Screw terminals.