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Antenna Accessories

ANTENEX® leads the way in advanced antenna design. Many of their patented technologies offer solutions unavailable from any other source. From the field diversity Phantom® family to the solid state Genesis wide band family. ANTENEX products will meet nearly any application or installation challenge. The items listed below are just a few of the many ones available from ANTENEX. The items shown with green background are stock items at B&A Products. Antenna/whips and base/mounts are sold separately, so select one of each for a complete antenna for your application.
For additional information or specifications (SWR, power rating, impedance, quantity pricing, other Antenex products, etc) call B&A at 918-696-5998.

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Product Code: MB8P

Price: $19.50



Product Code: G8PI

Price: $35.78


Product Code: HS34

Price: $48.00



Product Code: HS38

Price: $30.00


Product Code: TM8P

Price: $33.95



Product Code: GRO

Price: $3.13


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