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Components ( Capacitors, Resistors, Semi- Conductors)

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Wide selection of capacitors stocked by NTE Electronics and available through BA-Electronics. Includes: aluminum electrolytics, solid tantalum, ceramic disc, mylar/polyester film, motor run, motor start, ceiling fan, multilayer (monolithic) ceramic, and surface mount (SMT).

Metal and wirewound resistors available from and stocked by NTE Electronics, from 1/8 watt to 25 watts. Other styles available, but not shown on this page, include aluminum housed precision power wirewound, fusible power oxide, and surface mount resistors.

NTE Electronics stocks a wide selection of generic (original) diodes (1N) and transistors (2N) available in blister packages or bulk. These are available through BA-Electronics on special order. Allow 10 days to 2 weeks for normal delivery. Specify packing type (packaged or bulk) when ordering.

New items are being added regularly. Delivery on non-stock items is typically 10-days to 2 weeks. For complete part number add "NTE" in front of the stock # (example: NTE519). Quantity pricing is available, and some items are available in bulk, with bulk quantity pricing. Other types of devices available include: zener diodes, high voltage and high current rectifiers, digital integrated circuits (CMOS, TTL, DTL, HTL), linear integrated circuits, FETs (JFETs, IGBTS, MOSFETs), MOVs (metal oxide varistors), opto-isolators, LEDs, and much more.